Football and fall

Idaho State 35 – Portland State 42, I love college football!  The result was not what we were hoping for, but the game was awesome.  Well, maybe not the game, but certainly the atmosphere.  In all my many years, I’ve never been truly tailgating before, and thanks to my friends Jane and Shawn, I got a taste of my first experience.  It was homecoming in Pocatello yesterday, there were tons of people around, and I got to make fish tacos.  What a great time that was. 

With the addition of the Taj MaHauler in our lives, I have camping gear of the best variety.  I’ve got big cook stoves to feed hundreds or little ones to fry up tortillas.  It doesn’t matter what the occasion, I can do it.  Last week we fed over 200 people with dinner and breakfast, yesterday it was just a few for lunch, but as much fun.

The sun was shining, in fact, it was 85 degrees on the first of October.  Unheard of in Idaho.  So many people sporting orange and black cheering on the Bengals.  Our favorite, #88, Josh Hill had a good game, he is a quiet leader on a team of young kids hoping to improve over a sad season last year.  Of course, not a lot has to change to improve.  The administration did the right thing already by changing coaching staffs.  The enthusiasm of the fans is apparent, the noise in the minidome is deafening.  We are proud of our boys and wish them the best for the rest of the season.  Regardless of the win-loss record, the fans are behind you.  Good luck against the Griz next week.

My enthusiasm for college football is not limited to the Bengals (my alma mater)  I also support the Bears, Longhorns, Razorbacks, Broncos and Trojans.  All have special places in my heart based on the players or their supporters.  USC was my first favorite team back in the 70’s when the McKay’s were playing and coaching.  California was recently added to my list of teams to support with the addition of Big in my life.  Last year, my “nephew” Ryan played for Arkansas, and you can’t be from Texas without supporting one of those teams “Hook ’em Horns”  The Broncos are easy to support when you live in Idaho, so many of our local kids go to school at BSU, and we all know that Boise is the only city in Idaho that matters – just ask them.  Fall is a great season with football and the great weather, I hope it lasts for months.