Back on the Road 2015

Over four years ago, I started this blog, with the goal of sharing what we see in the world.  Let me reintroduce myself for those who recognized that I’ve been missing for a long time.

We live on the road.  I don’t mean that we travel a lot, I mean we literally live on the road, travelling from location to location, on mostly a weekly basis.  Most RV’rs travel from park to park, but they stay awhile, we don’t have that luxury, we have places we have to be.  We also aren’t typical RV’rs because we still work, in fact, it is our work that keeps us moving.

Our goal as we travel is to seek out the best there is to offer in any location.  Sometimes it is while we are vacationing, other times, it is just another port of call.

This last week was a great example, we were in Attica, Indiana.  It is a small, idyllic community with lots of green grass, old growth trees, and right now, water.  The Wabash is over the banks, in fact, the other day, you could practically fish from the McDonald’s parking lot, and it is a half mile away from the river.  There isn’t much to do in Attica, but the people are awesome.

Some things we do everywhere we go, they are necessities of life.  I visit the local library for wifi, do our laundry at the local Laundromat, shop in the local grocery store, mail from the local post office, eat in the local restaurants.  This week, I even got my haircut at a local salon.  Not much else to offer here in Attica.  But just down the road is a little gem that we recommend to everyone.

In Covington, Indiana, just off the 74, at exit 6 is a restaurant called The Beef House (16501 North S.R. 63).  It isn’t small, it isn’t quiet, but it is homemade and delicious.  Several times a year, they run a dinner theater, the restaurant is big and efficient, the food is fresh.

How do I know?  First, the place is always busy, so the turnover in food happens fast.  Second, you can see right in to the kitchen as you wait in line for a table or visit the salad bar.  Third, and I think most important, the cuts of meat are displayed in the front case, you see the cooks come by and select what they are cooking next.beef house rolls

The beef is good, the salad bar is fresh and plentiful, and the rolls and desserts are well known.  The waitresses practically push the rolls on you, always offering more and more, to the point that almost everyone leaves with a bag.  They are that good.  I did my best to confine my selection to two, and even with that, I was over full when we left.  The food is well worth a visit.

We have a lot of friends who visit Indiana through the year, The Beef House is always on the recommended stop list, you should add it to yours.  Photos courtesy of The Beef House.

(update:  we had posted we were going to the restaurant on FB, some friends saw that and just came by to tell me what a great meal they had, said they had been coming to the area for 15 years and never knew about, now they know.  I love when we can make an impact like that!)