Halloween Las Vegas Style

There are certain places it is worthwhile to be if you are a fan of Halloween. Las Vegas is one of those.  Anything you want to see, you can see.  In fact, you can even see things you hoped never in your life to see! 

We got to have dinner with friends at Margaritaville on Las Vegas Boulevard, dinner was great, the entertainment was fun.  We hadn’t worn costumes, so the referee on stilts created our balloon hats.  I was a pumpkin head, Big became a pirate captain.  Mine was easy to follow, Big’s needed an explanation – the balloon hat had a big R on it – as in “Rrrrr matey” I guess.

When we finished dinner, we stepped out to the railing above the street, where all the tourists walk by – kind of like the spook parades we all enjoyed when we were younger.  There were real pirates, lots of skin, some pretty creative costumes.  I’ve always thought that Halloween was an excuse for some women to dress as they never would, perhaps a little slutty, but you add that to how they already dress in Vegas when on vacation, and you really get an eyeful!  One guy came down the street as if he was in bed, with a girl on top of him – some funny stuff.  We saw Bert & Ernie, Capt. Jack Sparrow, the Statue of Liberty and all of Mario’s family – including Luigi and the Princess, too.

I prefer to see little kids dressed up, but I am not a big fan of handing out candy.  The street we live on has always been too busy, people dropped their kids off on one end and picked them up at the other.  I’m one of those adults who would hide in the back of the house rather than do the trick or treat thing.  But I loved when the neighbor kids would come by early all dressed up.  My mom loved Halloween, she made the kids do tricks to get their treats.  My mother-in-law loves it more, it is also her birthday, so she has perfected the witches’ cackle and releases it on many unsuspecting youngsters.

Both the two year olds in my life were dinosaurs this year.  So cute they were in the pictures.  I believe that Halloween is for kids, but amazingly, the adults enjoy it so much more.