Dallas…not on a Saturday, please

IMG_20150509_141130892 (1)I really try hard to tourist on a day other than Saturday in my life.  I’d much rather be somewhere on an off day, or even an off season.  So a Saturday in May in downtown Dallas is not really recommended.  But I needed to do something!  So we set off for the Dallas World Aquarium, 1801 North Griffen, Dallas, Texas for our first stop.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Aquarium, more for the design than the aquatics.  They apparently took a lesson from Disney and have learned how to move people.  When you enter the Aquarium at ground level, you make your way to the top before you even enter the displays.  The foyer winds and twists to the top among trees and branches, as you enter, the pathway then spirals down again among the animal displays.  It is open and interesting.  You can look over railings to the ponds below, in addition to the many aquariums set in the outside of the spiral path.

There are big animals like turtles, alligators and flamingos.  An aviary throughout, plus lots of fish from all over the world.  The narrow path keeps everyone moving along and the colors are vibrant.  I never felt rushed, but enjoyed the continued walk through.

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science was our next stop.  Just under the freeway, a quick ten minute walk away, the Perot is a beautiful modern building.  But, remember what I said about touristing on a Saturday.  Yeah, it was too much for me.  There is no great path through the museum like there is through the Aquarium, people were roaming in all directions.  Being a museum of nature and science, there is a lot of reading to do at all the displays, that really isn’t conducive to a busy Saturday.  Perhaps if it had been quieter we would have enjoyed it more, but as it was, we felt rushed to get out of the crowd.  I’m sure the Perot has a lot to offer if you have all day and not a lot of people.  For us, it wasn’t a great experience.  Pick a Tuesday outside of the school year and at least enjoy the architecture.