Books books and more books

I am a big fan of reading, whether it’s the cereal box on the table, a billboard or a book, if it has words on it, I will read it repeatedly until I can find something else to do.

Each year I set a goal to read 52 books, for the last six years I’ve even written down every book and every author I’ve read to see if I make my goal.  Each year I’ve fallen short, not by much, but still, I have failed.  Today marked the half way point of this great year, the first year of my “retirement”, and I’m pleased to announced I’ve read 35 books already.

Some were new authors I haven’t read before, others were authors given to me or books picked up secondhand.  Some of those even from a laundrymat in Arizona.  All have been worth reading, but I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

The Long Way Home by Karen McQuestion has been my favorite, a novel along the lines of Sarah Addison Allen, highly recommended.  The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan was a pleasant surprise, a must read for anyone who has been touched by cancer.  I laughed out loud with Marian Keyes The Other Side of the Story  and cried with Kris Radish Tuesday Night Miracles. 

There are obviously more on the list, I caught up with some of my favorite authors, Jasper Fforde, Steve Martin, and Charlaine Harris, and met new ones, Harlan Coben and C.J. Box.  I am looking forward to another six months of great reading, if you have anything to recommend, send it my way.

1 thought on “Books books and more books

  1. I like the idea of settig a goal and reading to it. Think I will try that. Have been reading more since I joined the bookgroup. They got me interested in reading Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. Have read them all and 3 of the Between the Numbers. They make me laugh. Some of the historical non-fiction books I tend to read take a little longer. Thanks for the idea of setting a goal.

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