Mecca for Wheelers

I feel like I am constantly talking about Moab, but there’s a reason for that.
Moab, Utah is Mecca for Wheelers.  Whether you are on two wheels or four doesn’t seem to matter here.  Early in April, we got to attend Easter Jeep Safari.  EJS is sponsored by the Red Rock 4Wheelers and they host trail rides on over 25 different trails throughout the area.  Add to that beautiful National Parks, what is not to love about Moab.

We had two weeks to spend there this year, so I got a job while I was there.  I love business, any and all kinds, and was fortunate to get a few days to spend at the T-Shirt Shop.  Dottie Byrd has a place that has thousands of designs and you get to put together your own shirts.  I spent my time stocking shelves and organizing designs.  The number one thing I learned about the business is that organization is key, if you can’t find it, you can’t sell it.  The T-Shirt Shop is one of those places that runs on the sheer energy and determination of it’s owner.  It was a pleasure to meet someone so enthusiastic about a business she has already been in for 30 years.

We had to make a quick run to Moab this week and took the time to go up to the Sunset Grill for dinner.  It was our first date night in awhile.  The Sunset Grill is perched on the top of a ridge overlooking all of Moab and the Red Rocks to the West.  I assumed since the view was awesome the food would be mediocre.  I was wrong, in a big way.  The food was as delicious as the view.  Wild mushroom appetizer, crabmeat and shrimp linguine, creme brulee for dessert – not one of them was disappointing.  Make the trek up the sidehill for the meal, even if you miss the sunset, it is worth it!

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