Spreading the Word…

In Dayton, Tennessee last week we were treated to some Gospel music sung by some friends of ours, Jim and Sheryl Hallengren with the Salt of the Earth Vocal Band.  Apparently, Gospel music is the thing round these parts, they have a unique way of spreading the Word, because, you see, they sing Gospel at McDonald’s.  Yep, you heard me right, McDonald’s.

For the past thirteen years, Gospel has been played right there at the local McDonald’s every Thursday night.  When we walked in to see our friends, the place was packed.  Speakers were set up through out the restaurant, the performers were in the Play Room.  For the first hour, anyone who wanted came up to sing.  Most brought sheet music and stepped up to the microphone with a little trepidation.  They were accompanied by a keyboard and lead guitar played by two old timers who seemed to know every song.  Occasionally, a bass guitar also joined in.  Some sang timidly, others sang with gusto, all sang proudly.

Our friends are part of the Salt of the Earth Vocal Band, they started around eight and played for an hour.  Accompanied by the Apple laptop, the vocals were strong and beautiful.  The trio consists of Jim and Sheryl and Mark Travis from Knoxville.  Check out their page on Reverbnation, my favorite was I Bowed on My Knees.

So very cool to know some very cool people!


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