Tierra Del Sol Jeep Safari hosts an event the first weekend in March every year.  2012 marked the 50th anniversary of an incredible event.  $175,000 worth of raffle prizes being given out to 3000 registered participants.  Each registration gives you one entry to the raffle.  The amount of work put in by the volunteers of the TDS 4×4 club is to be acknowledged, what a great job a handful of people do.  On top of being part of the raffle, there is an opportunity to ride the trails of the Ocotilla Wells State Recreational Area.  Big spent a month out here a year ago building a rock-crawling course for the California State Parks system.

I like TDS and Ocotilla Wells because the ground is sand and I can pretend I’m at the beach when I dig my toes in.  We are a bit too far from the ocean to get the salty smell,, but at least the sun is shining.  It’s nice down here near Palm Springs at this time of year.  If we only count the weekend, the weather was awesome.

There are lots of things to do out here, our favorite vendors are set up – Maxxis Tires, Raceline Wheels, Clayton Offroad is across from us, we are here to hang out, sell some T’s.  There are many more, selling everything from flags to water bottles. I love a captive audience.  Friends from the off-road industry are all over, and Friday night we fed tacos compliments of Raceline Wheels and Falken Tires to over 300 of our favorite friends, add a band and it felt like a party.

TDS is a jeep event, just like Easter Jeep Safari inMoab– that’s next month, come see us if you are in the area, we’ll be there doing a Dirt Riot race and hanging out with a lot of the same people.

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