Meal time

So much of our lives revolve around food.  We celebrate with it; we drown our sorrows in it; we schedule all the best times in our family around food.  Any time we get together, the first conversation is about where we are going for dinner.

When we are home in Idaho, we always have to make it to our favorite local spots.  First to Tommy Vaughn’s and Rupe’s – next stops, the best Mexican restaurants in town, El Vaquerro and Melina’s.  At every one of those places the owners can predict what we’re eating, if not drinking too.

Rupe’s has been a favorite for as long as I can remember, we even order stuff not on the menu. When I was there last, I ordered a Leo Burrito with extra veggies.  It got delivered perfectly and then I looked up to see Leo standing there – he smiled and said “I knew that you were here somewhere.”  I love being recognized.

This trip to California is a short one to spend with Haley, but our day was surrounded by where we were eating.  Always trying to look for local spots, instead of chains, we are usually really successful.  Today we stopped at Polly’s, which is a SoCal place, 15 restaurants around the area and every one with some great homemade food.

Our final stop was one of the chains, but this one is one we have loved for years, it is always a happy place with great food.  We’ve been in San Francisco and Chicago and tonight it was the Santa Monica Pier.  Bubba Gump’s never fails to please my palate.  The food was good and the service was awesome.

Toward the end of the evening, Red stopped by our table after we commented to our waitress about the young man who “projected” during the Happy Birthday number.  He pulled up a chair and sat down, you see, he is an actor.  We talked a little about whether he was an “aspiring” actor or the real thing.  He’s making films and reminded Haley that 99 people will tell you no, you just have to hold out for the one who says yes.  When he left, he gave her a high five and told her to keep up the good fight.

I think our family focuses on food and meals so much because that is where the people are, the ones who drop in to your life to make an impact.  Thanks, Red – good luck to you.

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