King of the Hammers – Day 6 already

Day 6 –Johnson Valley,California, King of the Hammers week

Last Thursday night, Big picked me up at LAX to take me out to Johnson Valley,California.  It’s the Meed Dry Lakebed located between Lucerne Valley and Yucca Valley– not far from Joshua Tree National Park.  The closest real cities are Barstow and Palm Springs, essentially, the middle of nowhere.  But the middle of nowhere is a pretty busy place this week.

When Big arrived on Monday, the place was kind of mild, just a few tents they were trying to protect from the wind, and a couple hundred people – mostly racers, hanging out and getting some pre-running in.  As the week has progressed, the winds died down and more people keep coming in, we are up to several thousand and Hammertown has been officially established.  There are now several hundred vendors and many more spectators.  Over 200 drivers in various classes have come through registration and between Lujan and I we have smiled at them all and tried to answer their questions.  Most of them we could handle, others, we made up answers for.  My belief is that if you say it with confidence and use common sense, the answer is probably good enough.

For those not familiar with Hammertown, King of the Hammers or off-road racing in general, check out or  This is the week for the main event, the other weeks of the year will bring you good consistent racing with some awesome drivers, lots of pictures and a ton of video.  A little bit of carnage, a lot of dirt and massive amounts of fun. This is my life.

Personally, as we watch the town build for the Main Event on Friday where a new King will be crowned, I am enjoying seeing so many friends, it’s like coming home.  Thanks to all of you that bring us smiles as you cruise by the truck to visit – you are the reason we are here.


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