Tucson Food Truck Roundup

Every three weeks or so, the food truck vendors of Tucson host a Roundup.  It’s a place for all of them to get together and show off their great concoctions; a testament to the roach coach industry and the good foods they do.  I am a firm believer in the Food Truck, always have been.  From my local taco trucks to the street vendors in Mexico, I’ve even stopped on the side of the road in Hawaii to check out food vendors.

Last night was pretty cool, in downtown Tucson nineteen trucks set up in a large parking lot.  There was wood fired pizza and cupcakes, kimchi quesadillas and crème brulee, homemade popcicles and tacos of all kinds, everything we tried was delicious.  About 1,000 people showed up to try out the food and entertainment, from the sounds of it, the show just keeps growing.

A short list of who was there:  the Bubba-Q-Truck; VeroAmore Pizza; Korean Tacos from MaFooCo.com, Stolen Recipes BBQ Sauce; Cook’s Kettle Corn, Rob’s Dogs; Street Delights; Luncha Libre; Trucking Good Cupcakes; Planet of the Crepes; The Patty Wagon; PinUp Pastries, Jane’s Rolling Wok; Jamie’s Bitchin’ Kitchen and Animal Farm.  There were a few more that I didn’t catch, cuz the one thing that was lacking was good lighting.  Other than that, a fantastic event.

From our perspective, we picked up lots of potential vendors for our events, for others I’m sure it was just a good time.  If you are one of those who shies away from street vendors, let me give you some insight.

Why I like street vendors/food trucks:

  1. They are probably the cleanest facilities you will find because everyone can see in to the kitchen.
  2. Rodents generally are not an issue because it is lifted off the ground and there is no place to hide.
  3. Food is plentiful and varied.
  4. Creative use of space for storage and prep.
  5. You get to eat outdoors, which always increases the flavor 10 fold.
  6. They are the little guys, your mom and pop shops that are trying to make a living like you and me.

Love ‘em, keep up the good work Tucson, it’s great to see the local support!

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