Day 9: Girl Scouts

Living in a small town, there are lots of opportunities to get involved in things.  One of the things I’ve noticed is the same people are involved in a multitude of events.  If you want to see your friends and people who think like you do – you have to join.  The other thing I’ve learned is that if you want something done, ask the busiest people to do it, they are the only ones who know how.

One of my favorite activities was Girl Scouts.  When Haley was 5, she became a Daisy, I was just a Daisy mom; over the years, she was a Brownie and then a Girl Scout, finally finishing her career as a Junior with her Bronze award – I think that was seventh grade.

Our troop had so much fun, Cari and Carrie were the leaders, I helped out where I could.  We took the girls everywhere, they went rock climbing and to camp; they made rocks and did survival training; they learned about forest health and taking care of babies.  These were active girl scouts.  We sold cookies and calendars, we did cleanups and Christmas trees, nothing slowed them down.

We had a couple of overnight events that were my favorite, there was one that we did a whole Lewis and Clark theme, we did frontier facial treatments and quilted, we walked the pioneer trails out at Massacre Rocks State Park, of course, we tempered that with a stay at the Holiday Inn and some swimming, no sense getting too carried away with the outdoor stuff.  I wouldn’t say we were like Troop Beverly Hills, but we wanted to be.

Another event was focused around childcare.  We borrowed six of the electronic babies and the girls learned to care for them.  This was great until they all started crying at once, just as we were serving dinner. I’m pretty sure all of those girls made a vow not to be moms right away after that.

Kelsey and Haley went away to camp one summer, the first was up in Palisades for a week, then two weeks later they went to McCall for camp.  Carrie and I both went to McCall separately to drop the girls off, it was on a weekend and a great day for a twelve hour drive, Kimi went to camp, too.  I think they were probably 10 and 11 at the time.  Almost a week later, Carrie and I were in a meeting (we work at the same spot), when we got emergency calls from our girls.  It seems we FORGOT to pick them up!  We didn’t really forget, we just had both calendared the wrong day, the first camp they had been to was seven days, this one was only six – oops!  And of course, this camp was six hours from home, we ended up calling a colleague in McCall and having her pick up the girls and then Carrie flew over to get them all.  Thank goodness we had resources.  The girls didn’t mind, they ate peanut butter sandwiches and cookies while they waited, and got to fly in a plane for the return trip – all in all a satisfying trip.

I thank all the people who made Scouting such a great experience for me:  the girls, the moms, Carol, Gwen (RIP), Cari and Carrie.  Scouting taught me a lot.


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