Good works

Our little community, like so many others, celebrates Christmas very traditionally.  With lighted trees and Santa Claus, hot chocolate and shopping visits.  This week is the annual Christmas Tree Fantasy, a fundraiser, it raises thousands of dollars for local charities through its many facets.

I got to go today with my friend Michelle to enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas.  We made sure we participated fully.  It began with our $2.00 admission at the door, then continued with lunch.  A great little chicken enchilada special and we moved on to the Fantasy floor.

Our first stop was the homemade goodies for sale, there were fudge and caramels, popcorn balls and my favorite, raisin filled cookies.  Stop number two was the homemade crafts that are donated for sale, handmade items and little decorations of all sorts of varieties screaming out in Christmas colors.  If you need a gift for someone, this is the place.

We moved on to the tree room from here, over 45 decorated trees and wreathes available for auction to the highest bidder.  There were trees with popcicles, movies, bright lights, there were trees of white and gold and silver, there were trees of pink and purple and brown.  Indians and soldiers, movie stars and macaroni art, nutcrackers and doggie treats.  Whatever theme you want, it probably is available at our Fantasy.

Going to a place like this with someone who gets you is the most fun, we both laughed at the music, we both liked some trees and would have changed others, it was the best part about going out there.

Tonight will be the auction and lots of money will change hands, tomorrow the Morning News will show some trees and share the success, check it out.

I wish the Fantasy organizers all the success and congratulations for a job well done.  Doing good in your community is always a good thing, thank you.

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