Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, an opportunity to remember what is important to each of us.  I was lucky enough to spend time with my family this holiday and was reminded once again of all the great things I have in this life.

I have wonderful people in my world, my kids, my man, my extended family, my friends, my colleagues, my life.  All of these folks bring something different to my world, something I can appreciate, something that I adore. 

I was thinking of all of the things that I am thankful for – I’m not sure where to even begin – to make it simple, I’ll start with, I am thankful for my life.  All aspects of it.  I love to travel, to meet people, to try new things, to eat new foods, to cook, to craft, to read, to write, to adventure, to drive, to immerse myself in the local culture.  I love to take pictures, to write stories, to appreciate others, to recognize my good fortune, to plan my future.  I love to smile with friends, to laugh with family, to learn from all.  I am a walking cliché.  All those things that you read on plaques, I try to live by.  My favorite quote is “Create the Life You Imagine.”  I imagined my life a few years ago, and have worked hard to live that.  I am one of the lucky ones. 

So if today you are wondering what happens next, start by imagining your life and then creating the pieces that you need to be able to live it.  Whether it is having love or money, whether it is having peace or harmony, whether it is about education or advancement.  Imagine it first, then set your goals to achieve it.

A few years ago, The Bucket List came out, a great movie, but I believe it was named wrong.  A lot of people think in terms of what they want to accomplish before they Kick the Bucket, I believe we should redesign that list to make it about living not dying.  I’ve always had a Life’s List.  Things I wanted to do to enhance my life, it has some silly stuff on it, but also some deep stuff too.  I want to learn how to tie flies, to decorate a Rose Parade float, to bungee jump.  I want to create an empire, to write a novel, to circle tourAustralia.  I’m checking things off my list all the time, but not to be sure I get them done before I die, but more so I can enjoy the fruits of my labors and the experiences they bring to me while I’m alive.  To build on those experiences for my future,

Be thankful today for who you are, thank the people and things that have gotten you there and plan the next phase so that next year at this time, you are even more appreciative, every year we should strive to have better lives, Plan it now, create it now, your life is what you make it.  I hope you will find yourself as happy as I am.

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