Baja 1000 – Day Four

Contingency for any of the SCORE races in Mexico is always a treat.  Thousands of people turn out to walk Contingency Row, which for the 1000 is ten Mexican blocks long, across the bridge and around the police station.  There is a band playing in the Coca-cola plaza, food galore and lots of t-shirts available for sale.

The whole point of contingency is to verify tech for all the vehicles in the race, apply stickers and get the crowd excited about the event.  It always happens the day before the race.  In Ensenada, it finishes pretty early because it is held on streets where nothing else happens.  In San Felipe, it is held on the Malecon, for the 250 it went on til about 4 a.m., we knew because our hotel was overlooking the Malecon at the Costa Azul.  Here, we are just a block away. 

Every race vehicle started down contingency beginning at 10 a.m.  All the crews walked with the buggies and trucks, this is the one opportunity for the pit crews to finally get some recognition.  It takes a lot of people to put on a race effort.  Our team, supporting just one race vehicle, has 22 people on it.  Everyone has a job, well almost everyone, I get to ride around making notes and keeping Big company. 

The race begins about 6 a.m. tomorrow with the bikes going out first, followed four hours later by the Trophy Trucks who are then followed by all the various class of cars.  Our car, #401, should leave the start between 12:30 and 1:00 p.m. We will have Weatherman on the Race Radio; the TelCel stick in the computer for internet access and the Spot Tracker and GPS set up to send messages to cell phones stationed all around the country.  Our job is communication, it should be fun, but that’s about tomorrow.

Today was about contingency and then we continued our taco tour from yesterday.  Yesterday’s included carnitas, camerones, al pastor and carne asada.  Today we had mantarayya, pescada, and chorizo.  For the uninitiated that is pork, shrimp, spicy pork, steak, stingray, fish and sausage.  Can you tell I love tacos?

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