2011 Baja 1000 – Day Three

Today was Taco Tour day otherwise known as Wednesday in Baja.  Carnitas, camarones, al pastor, carne asada.  Think of it like the hobbits do, breakfast, lunch, second lunch and dinner. 

A beautiful day on the peninsula today, we woke early as our bunk mates headed out to test and tune and pre-run some more of the Baja 1000.  We headed out of town pretty early, our goal was San Felipe for tacos camarones at Maria’s. 

We hit a little hut in the neighborhoods of Ensenada serving “exclusiva carnitas”.  Large chunks of pork chopped up while they whipped up our tacos, delicious, and as authentic as them come.

Driving down the coast and through Valley de Trinidad across to the Sea of Cortez and the sunshine it brings with it.  155 miles for tacos may seem extreme to some, but then maybe you’ve never been to San Felipe.

It’s always a bit of a trip down the peninsula like that, you see so many things.  There were kids standing on corners gathering stickers from racers as they came by; lots of car accidents – it’s always a hazard on these narrow roads; horses on the highway; military checkpoints; and the wild, wild west.

The tacos were just as we remembered them at Maria’s, aka Adriana’s.  Mama was working the kitchen today and she was busy.  They are the best though.  I adore Adriana, she is beautiful and always tells Big he is her “favorite father-in-law – your son is so ham-some.”  We spent some time sitting on the sea wall on the Malecon watching the fisherman bring in their catch of the day, kids taking their sculls out to crew across the bay, an awesome way to spend the afternoon.

Another 155 miles back and we pulled in to the taco cart at the beginning of the wash that has al pastor – beautiful red meat hanging on the spit.  Spicy and good, they serve radishes with their tacos to cut the heat.

The final stop in today’s taco tour was in one of the neighborhoods, carne asada with avocado added.  No one spoke English anywhere we were, which was perfect for us.  A smile here and there is all you need to get along in Baja.

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