Who chopped those logs?

Do you sometimes have thoughts that you are afraid to share out loud?  I’ve been told that blonde is not a hair color, but rather a state of mind – most days, I’m definitely blonde.  We were cruising through the Petrified Forest National Park the other day and Big saved me from being blonde – you see, he said what I was thinking first.

The Petrified Forest was created millions of years ago when the elements were just perfect.  There were floods combined with silica that created the perfect environment for petrifying the wood.  The minerals that were prevalent at the time are what created the various colors.  The conditions haven’t existed to recreate the petrification process since.     

There are many stops along the main trail through the National Park, they all show the same woods, but feature other elements too.  There is the Crystal Forest, where quartz and other minerals are formed within the hollow of the tree; Newspaper Rock where the petroglyphs can be seen from the overlook; Puerco Pueblo, a stone pueblo that can be found along the north end of the park, inhabited by the Indians that inhabited the area centuries ago – just watch out for the aggressive bees.

Our favorite thing to do when we travel is talk to people.  The topic of today was “Who cut up those logs?”  You see, all of the petrified logs were “cut” into firewood size pieces.  I mean, every one – it was fascinating, and there was no obvious explanation.  I’m sure if we had asked the rangers, they would have given us an explanation regarding stress fractures in the stone.  But we enjoyed the ones we got from the visitors more.  “Paul Bunyan did it” or “The Indians bucked it all and just didn’t get around to gathering it”    Everyone had a theory, but even better, everyone asked the question – I didn’t feel so blonde after all.

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