Back Doors are for family…

When we left the Back Door Steakhouse in Blair,Oklahoma, we felt like family.  John Thornton and his staff made us feel welcome from the moment we walked in.  The Back Door is housed in an old, corner, brick building in a very, small town.  It’s one of those buildings that goes on forever, rooms woven through the place.  John let us have a tour, every room seats about 50 diners and is decorated in a separate manner. 

The front dining area has an eclectic collection; the most interesting were the winning blankets from greyhound dog races dating back for decades.  As we cruised to the back dining room, John flipped on the lights for us (it was a slower night), and we were most impressed by the décor.  There were two cabinets that ran floor to ceiling at least 16 feet long, those cabinets were filled with snake oils and medicines from the early days.  Everything has a story in this place.  The snake oils came out of an old, old drug store that the roof had fallen in and the contents had never been salvaged.  It’s all so perfectly preserved and displayed now.

The upstairs of the restaurant is where the bar is, it has these leopard print booths, which would not normally be found in this small, rural town.  But, enter the previous owner who was always looking for a deal, and enter next the leopard print booths from a restaurant in Dallas going out of business.  Makes for an interesting look.

Now, the place is awesome – it is so damn cute, that by itself would be enough to visit.  But wait ’til you taste the food.  The chicken fried steak was hand breaded and cooked perfectly, and I got my choice of baked potato, sweet potato, fries of several varieties or asparagus.  Really, all those choices?  Awesome!  Big had the pork chops and was so happy with them (our next stop is bbq inTexas, so he was just warming up.)

The food really is why we came, some friends from nearby Altus had told us how great this place was.  In fact, every time we headed out for dinner in Altus, they suggested we make the drive to Blair.  From now on, we will.

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