Sixty thousand people in one place

60,000 spectators in two days, 17 hours of show-time, move-in, move-out, whew, no wonder I was tired.  The Off Road Expo was in Pomona at the Los Angeles County Fairplex over the weekend, and what a good time it was. 

Our first event of the weekend was the Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame reception and induction, it was an invitation only event.  My first time in the off road industry to put on my little black dress and feel pretty  There were two inductees in to the Hall of Fame this year, Rob MacCachren and Ron Bishop, both well-deserved. They joined many legends in the off-road industry that were also in attendance – from Walker Evans to Rod Hall, Rick Pewe to Judy Smith, people from all walks of life that have impacted the industry.  It was well done and a pleasure to be a part of.  If you know of someone who deserves to be recognized for their contributions to the industry – this is the organization to honor them, look at the website and send in your nomination.

Does anyone else wondere why the Michelin Man is coming out of the ladies room?


Saturday began early, swooping past the folks standing in line waiting for the gates to open, we all met and organized for the task at hand.  My job was selling shirts and jewelry.  I had the easy job, I got to be in one place and people came to me.  Others I was with had much more complicated and tiring jobs.  Big talked to people, C handled media and J took photos – of everything.  They all worked so hard, it was impressive.  Sunday followed with more of the same, but only after a couple of awesome nights in the hotel bar visiting with friends and what constitutes our off-road family. 

The Lucas Oil sponsored Off Road Expo is put together by Family Events, one of 30 shows they do all over the country.  Great value for all of us in the industry and for those who are enthusiasts.  Thanks everyone for a job well done.


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