SoCal livin’ is easy

For you guys that like to move fast, listen to loud music and talk about power, I found the place for you.  At the Los Angeles County Fairplex in Pomona,CA is the NHRA Museum– the National Hot Rod Association.

Housed in a building built by the WPA during the depression, the NHRA Museum is a cavalcade of information.  The permanent collection features the SEMA Hall of Fame and a great collection of motorsports history.  There are cars of all kinds and calibers, from ZZ Top’s Cadillac to Chip Foose’s  (of Overhaulin’ fame) senior college design project – you would recognize it as the pre-curser to the Prowler.

The temporary collection features a tribute to rock and roll and cars, the whole southern Californa scene.  There are guitars of every make and model and the cars and songs that inspired them.  It is a very creative display, and current.  I love that about great museums, while they stay true to the history, it takes an awesome curator to relate to the current customer.

The timelines provided in the museum are fascinating, covering everything about hot rods, including the Bonneville Land Speed records.  The list of those traveling over 200 miles per hour is retained in this historic building.

I love the idea of speed and the way cars are built.  The So Cal hot rod was scavenged from the empty fuel tanks of WWII bombers, somehow, that doesn’t really surprise me.  I’ve seen how resourceful racers can be.  The true McGyvers are invariably car guys.



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