Quaint time ahead…

California Hwy 189 is built for driving something small.  Twisty roads, full 180’s, lots of guardrails and the opportunity to hug the road.  The best part was the destination though. Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear, but for us, the Pine Rose Cabins and dinner with friends.

The Pine Rose Cabins are the cutest, quaintest little places.  Dating back to the 1910’s, they used to be owned by the Forest Service, first leased to private owners and then through a land exchange made completely private, the new owners have been there since 1993.  Customer service and improving the atmosphere is what they are all about, and man, do they understand that. 

We stayed in the Wildrose #8 – antique furniture, wood paneled, quaint.  The little folded towel of a dude sleeping on the bed, I felt like I was on a cruise line.  The kitchen is fully stocked with cooking utensils, a fire place in the living room, a table to work at, and a big, comfy bed.  Lest you think these are large, re-think that, it’s about cozy, not space.  

The pool is 74 degrees, the welcome center has free videos and games to borrow.  The staff wants you to be comfortable and never have to leave – unless you want to.  And if you are planning a wedding, it is a gorgeous location for that.

From the Pine Rose, we headed in to Lake Arrowhead village and found the Belgian Waffle Works.  Wow!  The Belgian waffles were light and fluffy and any, or should I say every, kind was available.  From S’more Waffles to the Brussels – that was my choice – ham, turkey, swiss cheese, strawberries, cream cheese, maple syrup AND waffles.  A flavor extravaganza. 

Everything we saw coming out of the kitchen was beautiful and the setting was nice too.  Right there on Lake Arrowhead, overlooking the docks.  We did notice one thing not so inviting about the area, and I usually don’t comment on the negative stuff, but maybe, just maybe, this will make people think.  Around the Lake Arrowhead Resort, every sign said No.  No bicycling, no skateboarding, no swimming, no going beyond the fence, no, no, no.  Isn’t there a better way to get people’s attention and keep them safe without just saying no?  Okay, I’m done, that’s just a pet peeve of mine. 🙂

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