Looping Logan

A beautiful fall afternoon seemed like the perfect time to go see the fall colors.  Most of the trees in our area are evergreens, so you really have to look to find some that are changing.  The best option for that is the Logan Canyon.  So, we hopped in the Mini to check it out.  A little too soon, as it turns out.  The leaves were starting to change, but not near as vibrant as they might be in about two weeks.  It has been unseasonably warm for fall in Idaho.

The drive, however, was fantastic.  We were on roads we hadn’t traveled before, and that is always a good thing.  Down Hwy 91 through the Red Rock Pass and Preston (famous for being the filming location of Napolean Dynamite).  The pass is the place where 14,000 years ago,Bonneville Lake, which covered much of the area, broke through and dissipated.  At one time, Bonneville Lake was more than 1000 feet deep, the remnants are the Great Salt Lake, which is only 40 feet deep.  If you travel around the Tooele area, it is easy to see the high water marks on the benches of the mountains.

From Preston, we traveled to Logan and then east through the Logan Canyon, designated a scenic byway.  Beautiful rock faces filled with trees of all colors.  Some red, some yellow, lots still green, right along the rivers’ edge.  The road takes you over the pass to Bear Lake.  A beautiful large lake between the Utah,Wyoming and Idaho borders.  Known for its’ raspberries and recreation, there would be plenty to do along this drive, if it wasn’t a Sunday evening in October 😉

We opted for Hwy 36 back to Preston instead of Hwy 30 that we travel so often on our trips East.  It is a beautiful drive through the low mountains and we completed our loop, turning North on Hwy 34 through Grace and then back to Hwy 30.

There were tons of towns I’d never heard of on this loop – Niter, Ovid, St. Charles, Fish Haven – you never even see these in print unless you are driving through them.  I’ve lived in this area since I was 11 and never knew they were there.  Not that they offered much, but I bet the residents are happy with them.

Our final stop was Lava Hot Springs.A cool destination, no matter what time of year you are going there.  In the summer, is an Olympic sized pool with slides and diving boards; the winter boasts the famous hot pools (actually open year round – but my favorite in a snow storm).  All of these are owned by the State of Idaho and shared with the public.  Our favorite stop, though, is the Riverwalk Thai Food restaurant.  As authentic as you would find anywhere.  They have been in Lava for 13 years, and still boast a very loyal clientele, us included.  We can never remember what we ordered the last time, so each stop is an adventure.  Last night it was A1, S4 and crab fried rice.  I would call them by their real names, but never out loud.  In print, I can do it.  We had Moo Thod Kra-thiam Phrik Thai and Pla Saam Roat.  That’s pork and catfish to the uninitiated.

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