Minis Rule the Roads

Picture this….1000 Mini Coopers screaming down the mountain roads of Colorado, one after another, after another, after another…well, you get the picture.  Mini 5280 hosts an annual event atWinter Park,Colorado bringing all the Minis in the area to the same place.  Even better, in 2010, was the Mini Takes the States rally held in Denver on the same weekend. 

Mini Takes the States happens every other year all over the U.S.  In 2010, it started in five locations, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, New York and Atlanta.  There were stops along the way with parties and adventures.  We joined up in Winter Park for two days of pictures and fun with our Mini friends.

From Winter Park was the short drop in to Denver where MiniUSA had a major event planned.  Group rides during the day up and through all the mountain passes, Blues Traveler by night on the rugby pitch at the Infinity Park Event Center.  But the best was the people we met.  People who were defined by their Minis.  When you met someone, the conversation always started with where are you from? and what color is your Mini? 🙂

One morning, we were headed out to Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater for a group picture when we were passed by 9 minis in a row; Big and I looked at each other and promptly flipped around to follow.  We cruised up the many mountain roads, every one pushing their Minis as hard as they could.  Not a one came loose on those corners.  Truly an incredible handling car.

Now, if you have not met Miss Sally, you might not understand how much I love this car.  She is smart and sexy, has a mind of her own – some would say, like me.  She likes to drop her windows in the rain, and won’t open her locks until you’ve asked nicely.  She is such a girl. She is chili red with a black contrasting roof and black bonnet stripes, she’s an S, which means she’s got this really nice little turbo that helps her accelerate quickly. She’s taken me everywhere, in six+ years we’ve traveled 100,000 miles together, and that’s just the beginning, I know we have a lovely future together. Next week we’re headed on another road trip – probably cover 20 states or more in 14 days, I can’t wait!

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