WhooHoo..we’re coming down fast

Adrenaline rush. Zip-line. K and me. Camera. It doesn’t get much better than that.

K & I took to the Miller Motorsports Park Zip-line this afternoon.  They hiked us up 150 feet to the top of the zip-line and turned us loose. Duncan hooked us up with some heavy duty seat belts and then they let the seat go.  We bounced and kicked our feet up and down.  Then they started pulling us up the line, slowly they take us up and up, one foot at a time.  The view from above got smaller and smaller.  When we got to the top the view was incredible.  Mountains all around, the Great Salt Lake to the north.   It was like looking out a 15 story window with no cage.

As they released us to come back down, our hair blew back, we raised our arms and fell to the tune of 40 mph.  It was exhilarating.  The best part is the end though, when we got to the bottom, we hit the stop plate and bounced back.  It’s like bungy jumping in a seat.

The Zip-line was installed last May and is another add-on to the Kart Racing and the rest of the family fun at Miller.  We hopped off the Zip-line and went over to take on the go-carts.  Before we went, our friend, Larry had said the key to power on the go-karts is to keep your foot on the green pedal fully while you just tap the red pedal when you need to turn.  That was more than I could do, I had to actually take my foot off the green for some of those corners.  I’m pretty sure I got passed by everyone out there, but it was fun.  To hear the screaming tires as you rounded the bend and flip over to the other side of the track. To feel the vibration of the tires as you slide across the pavement.  It’s a good thing.

Before we began, they covered all the rules, I was afraid they were going to black flag me for going too slow on the race track.  Fortunately, that wasn’t one of the rules, they were more concerned about bumping and your wheels leaving the ground. And that’s just not me.  I hear that “Rubbin’s racing”, but probably not appropriate in a go-kart.

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