Go-Fast or Go-Slow….you choose

Woke up this morning to the sound of a go-fast engine spinning up. That has got to be one of the sexiest sounds, right up there with the sound of a jake brake, or a Harley muffler for me. We are on-site at Miller Motorsports Park, just outside of Tooele, Utah.

Miller Motorsports Park is an awesome facility, anything can happen here and often does. When we drove in on Tuesday afternoon they had a corporate group that was split up in three groups – one was taking hot laps on the track, another was doing ride-alongs on the off-road course and the third was playing at the go-cart track. I wanted to be part of their group.

There is much more to do here too. There are two go-fast tracks for cars that need a path to follow. Nice curved asphalt where Le-Mans races are held. The Porches and Mustangs hang out here. There is a Lucas Oil track with jumps and dirt on a closed course. We got to see that in action earlier this year.  Currently in build mode is a Speed Energy desert track across from the facility.

My favorite part of the course is the off-road park. Man-made obstacles that are made for crawling. Rock-crawling. That’s the go-slow part.  The obstacles are the view from my “living room” window and where I’m spending the next few days at the W.E. Rock Grand Nationals.

In addition to all of that are great facilities. The showers are awesome, large, clean and bright restrooms. Good looking day garages and even permanently rented garages. The Larry H. Miller museum is here, as well as great tent structures all over the park to provide shade and entertainment facilities. There is much attached to the MMP property too. The Utah Firefighters Museum is out here, as well as the Miners Museum, all as part of the Deseret Peak Complex with swimming pools and baseball fields, an archery park and rodeo arena. You name it, they can do it here.. This has got to be one of the more complete complexes for sports that is available anywhere. I wish I lived closer.

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