Through the Windshield

“HITCHHIKERS ON ROADWAYS MAY BE ESCAPED PRISONERS”  Well, that got my attention.  Welcome toTexas, ladies and gentlemen.  I am continually amazed at the things you see on the roadways of the Americas.  Most states have rest areas, inTexas they have picnic areas, I’ve yet to see families parked on the side of the freeway to picnic, but there’s hope – I’ve got lots more miles before I’m done withTexas.

In Arizona this week, all the highway signs are doubled.  So you will see “Exit 294, Millhouse Road” and within two feet and about 10 inches larger, you will see “Exit 294, Millhouse Road.”  Not that you can actually read the second sign until you are right next to it, because it’s covered by the first sign.  And then you have to wonder, why didn’t we task the guys that put up the new sign with taking down the old ones too?

In Tennessee last month we saw a sign that appeared to say Speed Limit 56 – that seemed rather specific to us. It was really a Hwy 56 sign, but at 65 going down the freeway.

In the south, they always want to make a statement, hence the 90 foot cross erected beside the highway. I mean, wouldn’t we get the point with something smaller? I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a competition for who can build the largest cross.  I wonder who’s winning?

Businesses are another story, there are too many to photograph that grab your attention, but check this one out, “Executive Massage – open til midnight”  and the best part – it’s in a trailer house. 😉

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