Route 66 enthusiasts

Meet Flo and Mia, better known in the real world as Fran and Mary Lou.  Flo and Mia are characters in the Pixar film, Cars.  Flo is the drive-in, she is modeled after Fran, owner of the Mid-Point Café in Adrian,Texas, a beautiful, vibrant 60+ years young woman who loves her job.  Mia and her sister Tia are the twins in the movie, modeled after Mary Lou, our waitress this morning, and her sister.  They got to attend the red carpet premiere when the movie opened – limos and champagne treatment for two young girls from nowhere,Texas.

We ambled in to the Mid-Point Café for breakfast this morning, quite by accident.  When it got to be after midnight last night and we were looking for a place to park the Taj MaHauler, we pulled off at the nearest exit. Adrian,Texas, a wide-spot in the road with a sweet little, level space right as you got off the interchange.  We parked there.  This morning after our showers we discovered a café right beside us, so we headed over for breakfast.

Something about this café screamed “I am special” from the moment we walked in, it was clean and fresh looking, pies laid out on the counter all dished up, we took a seat at one of the many chrome 1950’s tables and looked around.  Route 66 was everywhere, but not like the café we had been in the day before.  This one said, “I’m happy you’re here.”  The one yesterday was more like “I’ve looked this way since 1950, help me!” 

The other customers were the ones who tipped us off as to what made the Mid-Point special.  There were two couples traveling from Wisconsin and a couple from Sweden.  All were taking Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica, the entire route, and all were what I would call “Enthusiasts.”  It turned out that we were at the half way point of Route 66 – thus, the “Mid-Point.”  Now we knew what the excitement was all about.

The Mid-Point Café is a stop for all Route 66 enthusiasts, it’s listed in the guidebooks and is known for its pies.  There were three tours scheduled to stop this morning before noon.  The one coming in as we left were Europeans traveling by motorcycle on their rented Harleys.  Fran said the resurgence of business is terrific, but she’s tired.  She and the pie-maker were there ’til after 10 last night baking for today’s tours.  She’s ready for a break.  There’s a tiny for sale sign in the window, when we asked her about it, she said she wasn’t really sure, but she wanted to try something new.  She owns the lot next door that has an old gas station on it – she’s thinking selling western clothes to those enthusiasts is her next career.  At least then she could lock the door at 5:00 and go home. 

So if you’re thinking a change in career is what you need right now and you have an enthusiasm for Route 66 and pies, give Fran a call – the Mid-Point might just be your next great adventure.

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