Today in Music

I’m the first to admit that my music education is lacking, as we listen to Classic Vinyl on XM/Sirius radio, there are way too many songs I don’t recognize.  But today wasn’t one of those days, XM played our life in music, and what they didn’t play, we filled in for ourselves.

We’re traveling I-40 in Arizona and New Mexico today, so many songs flowing through my head.  “Arrizzooona”  You remember, the song from the 70’s, I can’t remember another lyric except how they sing the main refrain.

We stopped in Williams, the Gateway to the Grand Canyon, for breakfast.  They are really proud of their Route 66 history, in fact we ate in The Route 66 diner, I’m sure one of many diners named like that.  “You’ll see Amarillo, Gallup New Mexico, Flagstaff Arizona, Don’t forget Winona, Kingman, Barstow…..all of which are on this trip – we just started in the opposite direction.

We even drove through Winslow, Arizona as a tribute to the Eagles.  They have erected a statue of the guy “standing on the corner” (and as I type this, “Take It Easy” comes on the radio – how appropriate.)

As I’m thinking about the trip, Big sings “Amarillo by morning”  I smiled, that’s our destination, probably around 9 a.m. tomorrow.

“Rambling Man” comes on the radio singing about “trying to make a livin’ and doing the best I can,” followed almost immediately by Dan Fogelberg with Same Auld Lang Syne and the line “the audience is heavenly, but the traveling is hell.”  I don’t often feel that way, but there are moments that I can relate.

Our final destination this trip is Oklahoma, so I sing “Ohhhhh” in that key that starts “Oklahoma,” did you ever notice how many songs start the same way?  “Oh, what a Beautiful Morning….” “Oh, give me a home…”  “O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A…” – Sing it out, I bet something else will pop in to your head.


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