New Kid on the Block

My daughter is a New Kid – so is Nicole, Gemma, Chris, Sam, Marcus, Micah, and 104 others at The Young Americans College of Performing Arts.  A whole bunch of 18 year old dancers and singers,  and if you weren’t one or the other before, you will be by the time you’re done.  They are called the New Kids, because the Old Kids have already spent at least a year there.

When H was in 8th grade, the Young Americans came to our little town to do a workshop.  Two and ½ days of intense singing and dancing, lots of positive comments and a show at the end.  When they were done, H announced she was going to be a YA, and now she is.  There are over 3000 alumni from the Young Americans.  They have a long history of performance all over the world and on television.  From the Ed Sullivan show to the New Year’s Day parade in NYC.  They regularly tour internationally and have a domestic tour that still includes 2 ½ day workshops with kids from all ages.  There are summer camps in Nebraska and a summer long dinner theater in Michigan, plus a New Kids show and a Christmas Show at the LaMirada Theater in SoCal. 

The Young Americans are a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation intended for education, they have no shareholders, but lots of stakeholders.  People who care what they are doing.  I am a stakeholder.  It matters to me how they do what they do.

H is so excited to go on tour and start to work with kids, she has always been a performer, but over the last couple of years in high school, she started working with kids and loved it.  She wants to work with the yellows.  Those are the little kids. 

Can you see how proud I am of her? She has totally embraced this grown-up, be responsible, chase your dreams attitude.  I love her and am so happy for her and what her future holds.  Stay focused and live YOUR life, baby girl, and don’t forget to wear your “Remember me, I’m gonna be Famous” shirt, there is no doubt in my mind that you will be.  xoxoxoxo

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