Up Up and Away

If my life were perfect, I would be on my way to Reno right now.  This coming weekend is the best time to be in Reno all year long, there is so much to do. 

My favorite was an experience I had last year, I not only got to go to the Great Reno Balloon Race, I got to chase with one of the crews.  I have an awesome friend in Reno, B is involved in everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING.  She is the kind of person that can make you smile (everytime), get you some place you want to be, and she knows someone who knows someone who… you get the picture.  B has resources.

So last year, we went to Reno for an offroad race and I told B that I always wanted to go to the Balloon races, she just smiled and said “ok – I’ll pick you up at 4:30” I’m like “a.m.?” and sure enough, she slid right through the portico at the Grand Sierra Resort to the tune of wedding proposals and picked me up.  You see, we had to be at the staging grounds for the Balloon Race by 5:00 a.m to beat the crowds.  The people come out in droves for this event.  We, and I include myself in the we, had staging space #1 and were flying with Curt Pengelly of Boise.  Curt is a professional balloon pilot for the last several decades, and his team is awesome.  I learned how a balloon is staged, prepped and readied for flight.  We participated with getting it blown up, keeping the spectators out of the way and getting it lifted off, and then…the chase began. 

I hopped in with B’s family, just one of several vehicles chasing Curt’s balloon.  Our job was to be there when he came down.  After several misques and misjudgments, we made our way to the field that Curt landed in with his passengers.  I learned more there, how to lower the balloon, deflate it and pack it for transport.

What an awesome experience!  This year the balloon will fly without me to cheer it on and look for it, but I know Curt and B will be there keeping the world in good hands.  Thanks to both of you for an incredible time, maybe next year…..

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