Food on a stick

How much food in your real world comes on a stick?  I’m thinking, maybe corn on the cob qualifies, obviously lollipops, ice cream bars, shish-ka-bobs – but really, what else is there?

Enter the State Fair, now everything comes on a stick  some are naturally born on a stick, like the turkey leg – others are definitely invented.

Check out all these cool things you can get on a stick at our fair…..fudge sticks, cheese on a stick, corn on the cob, turkey legs, chocolate covered strawberries, Pronto Pups (aka corn dogs), candy apples, caramel apples, twisted taters, and my favorite chocolate covered cheesecake!

I mean, lets cover all the food groups, there is protein with the turkey and corn dogs; vegetables with the potatoes and corn; fruits with the strawberries, and now dairy with the cheesecake.  It doesn’t get much better than that. 

I love fair food, you can make a whole meal out of every visit – we plan our week based on which foods we are going to eat when.  I always start with the trout from the Aberdeen Education booth; it is delicious.  I followed that up with a slice of bread from the The Bread Barn – Big went with ice cream from the Reed’s Dairy booth – it’s made with potatoes.  That was yesterday.  Today was a teriyaki chicken bowl – half-n-half from Hong’s, a Pronto Pup and I’m going back for dinner.  I haven’t had scone nuggets or a caramel pull-apart from Jolene’s booth yet.

Did I mention, I love the fair?

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