Udderly Fantastic

Yesterday morning the parade started down Rich Street and continued down Shilling, just like it has for decades.  Well over one hundred entries, just like always.  It was awesome.  The parade lasted one hour and 34 minutes – for some reason, my dad always checks.  We had great friends and family over to watch.  I particularly enjoyed Shyla, she has a way of looking at things that none of the rest of us see.

With a gasp of breath, “Oh, look at the horses, they are so beautiful” followed by, “this is the best parade ever!”  Shyla is eight. 

At our house, we hand out laminated “10” signs, just like judging in the Olympics.  The rules are you can give a 1 or a 0 to politicians, etc., but only 10’s to kids.  Shyla held up her 10 for almost every entry.

The best entry in our parade is the United Dairyman’s Association, they hand out chocolate milk to everyone on the parade route, if you don’t think that’s a feat – you should see those kids lugging their crates of milk.  The first year that happened, it was a local politician running for Congress.  It was such a hit, he got elected.  We are thankful the Dairyman carried on the tradition.

Lots of candy at this year’s parade, but my favorite is Bit-o-honey.  As the first one of those landed in the street, I held my breath, it would be bad form to run over the kids in the family to retrieve it.  My sister, standing next to me did the same thing.  When we both said, “that’s my favorite”, sweet little Kayla, passed them back – big K, T and I enjoyed them so much.  That has to be my mom’s influence, that was her favorite parade candy too.  The rest of the parade, they got handed back to us until I had a pocketful.

We are a rural community, so the theme “Udderly fantastic” really isn’t much of a stretch.  Lots of cows and bull@*xx in our parade.  Milkin’ it, Moovin’ it – all the take offs you would expect to find.  The thing our parade doesn’t have though, is floats.  No one actually builds a float, heck they don’t even wash their trucks before entering them.  I hadn’t noticed this until last May when H and I were in Spokane for the Armed Forces Torchlight Parade.  They had beautiful floats everywhere, we have trailers with kids on them.  Not that that is a bad thing, it just is.

My favorite part of the parade, besides seeing all the local people out, was a sign, probably hand written by the young lady riding the float – she proudly proclaimed being the “Outanding Teen 2011” – fortunately, they didn’t judge her on her spelling.

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