Apple Pie and Cowboy Boots

Apple pie and cowboy boots are about as American as you can get in these here states, but the definition of them changes when you are on the top of a mountain inTennessee. 

Apple pie is not your mother’s recipe.  It’s not the apple pie that my daughter K makes with Jack Daniels sauce and a cream cheese crust that my friends beg for.  You won’t find it baking in any oven.  More like, cooking in a still.  Apple Pie is moonshine.  The stuff that began the racing that later became NASCAR, the 110 proof liquid that Revenue Agents all over the Appalachia hunted for.  It comes in quart jars and many flavors, but Apple Pie is the most popular where we were.  Other flavors you can find in the jars are watermelon, blueberry, peach, strawberry – all of it a little different, but very tasty.  

When drinking ‘shine, don’t get your cups or glasses out, those offering a sip from their jar will be offended.  Moonshine is the original party drink.  It is served in quart jars and passed around.  No germ-a-phobes allowed in the drinking circle.  It is a drink to be shared.  You don’t get to pour your own in a cup – it is strictly bottle material.

Cowboy boots are another all-American tradition, but those I saw over the weekend weren’t made for work, they were made for dressing up the daisy dukes that the girls were wearing.  Girls from 8 to 80 were wearing daisy dukes and cowboy boots on the mountain in Tennessee.   It is a sight to see.  It applies to all sizes and shapes, not necessarily a good application, but it is done.  And of course, age doesn’t matter.  One of our friends called it the “50 yard fake-out”  The boys would see someone shapely in her daisy dukes and cowboy boots and think what a fine girl that was, only to find that she was someone’s grandma, or worse, under-age.  It’s kind of a game to be able to guess someone’s age, and of course, boys aren’t immune from wearing cowboy boots with their shorts too.

Just another one of the many things you can see Trippin’ the Americas

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