Chores on the road

When I pictured my life “on the road,” I failed to recognize one important factor that would be a part of it.  Laundromats.  I never really thought much about them  Sure, I have used the local one in my home town when my washing machine broke and I was determined to save the money to buy the new one instead of using credit.  According to my kids, that was a long six months.

The Maple Street laundry has never disappointed me, but I really never spent a lot of time there.  The family is friendly and I have continued to use them to dry clean and do my emergency ironing.  Especially when my kids came home on Thursday with Graduation gowns that had been folded for months and needed to be ironed by Friday.   I was really proud this year, ours was the first gown in, we had a plan and were prepared.  Maple Street didn’t fail me.

But when you are in a strange town, or at least one strange to you, what do you look for in a Laundromat?  Here’s a list for you. 

  1. Space – there is nothing worse than having to share the bending over space with strangers.
  2. Cleanliness – another worse thing is putting your clean clothes on a table that is less than clean
  3. Free wi-fi – I mean, really, what else are you going to do while you are there, laundry is a time killer
  4. A phone number – this should probably be number one, I am constantly getting machines that quit running and yet my clothes are locked in to the machine and it won’t unlock.  This creates a great deal of frustration, so if you don’t want to provide a phone number, at least provide a trouble-shooting guide so I can figure out what to do next
  5. Air-conditioning – laundries are hot, summer or winter, there is lots of heat and humidity, try to make it comfortable. 
  6. Location, Location, Location – I really don’t care where you are, but, put it on the internet so I can find you – what good is having a great laundry if out-of-towners can’t find you
  7. Other good things to have – a change machine that works; snacks and drinks, oh, and wheeled baskets – in addition, tables to sit at (to put your computer on) and chairs.

That’s my list, if you are starting a laundry, think in those terms – there are some good ones out there.  Right now, I’m at the Super Wash House in Dayton,Tennessee.  If they had a phone number posted, it would be almost perfect.

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