Travel Notes Iowa to Tennessee

Another long day in the Taj Mahauler, but it’s what we do.  We made a decision to stay on the 34 across Iowa until we got to the 74 in Illinois.  This turned out to be a time-consuming decision.  But, of course, the problem still relates back to the I-29 being closed along the Missouri River.  The 34, as it turns out, is two-lane, and 55 mph.  We have decided that Iowa is the second longest state to get across, right behind Texas.  It doesn’t matter what road you choose, it’s going to take a long time, because there are no diagonals.

Last year, we were returning from Hannibal,MO (where Shoeless Joe is from  – think Damn Yankees!) when we entered Iowa at Keokuk.  It took us all damn day to get out of the state.  Every intersection we came to, we made a decision, left or straight – because all we cared about was that we continued North and West.  We traveled some interesting country roads, right through corn country.  There were lots of barns with quilt squares on them and we ended up in Eldon,Iowa at the American Gothic House.  You know which one I mean, it’s the one the two old people are standing in front of with their pitchfork.  It’s amazing what you can find when you aren’t looking.

The route we were driving yesterday took us through Nashville on I-24, our goal being to stay out of the traffic, Big chose Old Hickory Trail Road to connect on to I-40 on.  Let’s just say that the route didn’t save any time.  We ended up on a hilly, four lane road right about the time all the kids got out of school.  It was crazy, and there was tons of traffic.  We won’t try that “shortcut” again.

Dinner last night was one of those places you happen upon and don’t want to forget.  Squealin’ Bob’s 2nd Act Deli.  Bobby Price is a barbequer of the best kind,  he started when he was 12 and has perfected his craft.  In 2008 he bought the 2nd Act Deli.  We had a terrific bbq platter with all the fixins’ and added catfish, just because we could.  It was all delicious. Sparta,Tennessee was where we stopped, hiding behind the Bank of America is where you will find the restaurant.  Bobby served the meal himself. You can find it at 22 Mayberry Street.

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