Travel Notes I-80 Wyoming

Wyoming is such an interesting space, everywhere you look there is different topography.  Red rocks and pointy rocks and things that look like ant hills;  There are green hills and “speed goats” (otherwise known as antelope).  My brain always sings “Take the last train to Cokeville” as we are pulling in to Cokeville, WY – I know the Beatles would sing Clarksville, but the lyrics always change for me.  When we go by the Lincoln Memorial outside of Laramie, it looks to me like poor Abe is struggling to get out of his rock prison,I’m sure it’s intended as just a bust of Lincoln, but he reminds me of one of those cartoon characters that has been imprisoned by the bad guys in solid rock…if he could just get his arms loose, he could fight again. 

Last night there was a truly funky storm going on; we had rainbows and clouds that looked like droplets – massive hail and a truly epic lightening storm.

So places to stop in Wyoming on I-80 – it’s slim, so this won’t take long.  The Lincoln Memorial at mm 323; go on up and look at poor Abe – the sculpture is done well and it is a great setting.  If you are walking around up there, be sure you are in good health – it’s at 8640 feet.  One of the highest elevations in Wyoming– unless you are up on the Tetons. 

One of our other favorite stops is exit 386 – not for food or fun, but because there is cheap diesel there.  The capitalist that I am, makes me look for a bargain.  Exit 386 has the cheapest diesel in three states, at least 8 cents cheaper per gallon then the nearest truck stop.  That’s huge in this day and age, we paid $3.66 yesterday.

Our final stop was Sidney,Nebraska, the world headquarters of Cabela’s.  Cabela’s is one of those stores that has grown to epic proportions in the minds of the public.  It carries EVERYTHING related to hunting and sports, so no doubt if you have a sportsman in your home, you’ve heard of it.  They have beautiful grounds and lots of amenities.  RV park, tour shop, pro shop, a bargain outlet place, and of course, lots and lots of things to spend your hard-earned money on.   Earlier this year, I told my partner that I wanted us to do one thing each trip that qualifies as “fun” – he took me to Cabela’s. ‘Nuff said.  That’s the kind of reputation Cabela’s has.

As we were wandering the grounds this morning, I found myself wishing that I was a prankster high school student in Sidney, I know what I would do.  I would go “camping” in one of the tents that are displayed in the parking lot.  It was all I could do not to run over and grab our coolers, sleeping bags and chairs to set up in the tents for pictures this morning – right beside their signs that said :”For Sale.”

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