Dillon, Montana

I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Dillon this week.  What a quaint little town.  Everyone is friendly, the cars stop for pedestrians (even when you are in the middle of the road), and there are a lot of good things going on there.  The Jaycees host the Dillon rodeo on Labor Day weekend, and it is the talk of the town, billed as Montana’s Biggest Weekend, it is sure to be the thing to see – rodeo, parade, concert – a good time to be had by all.

But in addition to the upcoming event, lots of other good things happen there.  Did you know that Patagonia has an outlet store in Dillon – it’s biggest sales are on summer holidays, with lines that run outside and down the street – wear your lightest clothes so you can try things on right in the aisles.  The Great Harvest Bread company has their franchise headquarters in Dillon, it’s the place new owners come to learn about the business.  There are days during the month when the new bakers help a local charity while they learn their craft.  The Montana Youth Challenge goes on at the University of MontanaWestern, a program for at-risk youth to help them become productive members of society. 

My few days there I’ve tried most of the restaurants, pub crawled through town with my friends and checked out a few of the stores.  My favorites were the Taco Bus – I’m sure it has a name, but all you need to know is that it is on the way in to town from the main city exit.  You just step on to the bus and taste your way to authentic Mexico, I also adored the Sweetwater Cafe, best coffee and sandwiches in town – right next to the office I was working in, it was not only convenient, but also offered friendly service, outstanding lattes and yummy sandwiches – the reuben was my fav.

Another cool fact about Dillon, or Beaverhead County more specifically, there are about 6000 people in town, but over 80,000 calves are shipped out of there each year.  The rolling ranches are everywhere you look.  The most important part is to look.

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