College here we come…

So, my youngest daughter is going to college.  Today was our last day to do all those little tasks necessary to get her ready.  It might have been a little easier if we had known where she was going to school before 10 days ago, but that wouldn’t be the adventure of our life.  My girl is headed off to The Young Americans College of Performing Arts in Corona, CA.  A place full of energetic, talented kids, all of that energy would be overwhelming for me, but it’s perfect for what they are doing. 

H and I went to town to shop and for the first time in all the years I have been “back-to-school” shopping that it was fun.  ALL of the clerks were cheerful and interesting, from the lady at Fred Meyer, to even the one at Wal-mart – who would have thunk that?!?  We spent way too much money, but what year don’t we? and we laughed.  The best part about shopping with H is that she sings everywhere we go – tonight it was “Taylor, the Latte Boy” – if you haven’t seen the video, watch it here – so funny and Kristen Chenoweth is incredible. 

So it’s a little hard to let my little girl go …but it’s going to be good, I can always watch Kristen sing when I’m missing her 🙂

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